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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

MOVIE: The Dark Horse - Best Score by Dana Lund


"An inspiring 
true story of 
courage and 
It's a movie for
all to watch!" 
                      Alida Hernandez

The Dark Horse 

Is a true-story about a one-time Maori speed-chess champ, Genesis Potini, lives with a bi-polar disorder and must overcome prejudice and violence in the battle to save his struggling chess club, his family and ultimately, himself.

Dana Lund

Composer & Music Producer

I had the great pleasure of interviewing Dana Lund via Skype, while she is currently residing in New Zealand.  Dana is a young, amazingly talented woman, who's music in "The Dark Horse" completed the movie.  

Dana Lund was born in Toronto, Canada where she first started piano lessons at the Royal Conservatory of Music. She later furthered her studies in Los Angeles, California, with a focus on composition and piano performance. Dana currently resides in Auckland, New Zealand where she composes and teaches music and piano.

The Dark Horse (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) is available on iTunes.

Watch the new movie trailer for The Dark Horse, starring Cliff Curtis! The Dark Horse is coming to theaters, April 1, 2016.

Rating:R (for language throughout, and drug use)
Genre:Art House & InternationalDrama
Directed By:
Written By:James Napier Robertson
In Theaters:
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