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Wednesday, April 13, 2016



Mobile Phone Ready Membership Service to Connect 
Avid Entertainment & Art Event Goers with Hottest Events

Just Announced:

Mexicanos en Miami (MeM), an open media platform dedicated to foster business relationships between Mexicans living in Miami is proud to announce the official launch of BossPass. BossPass is an event membership that allows subscribers to attend hundreds of events in Miami with one pass.

Through a growing number of partners, BossPass members get complimentary access to concerts, expos, festivals, and BossPass-organized exclusives. Each event has a limited number of passes available, and members can make a reservation on a first-come-first-served basis. The Android and iOS apps work in real-time, allowing members to see the events that are available and also how many tickets can be reserved. If a member needs to cancel their reservations before the date of the event, he or she can easily do so by tapping a button; tickets are automatically released and become available to other members of the community.

The idea behind BossPass is to allow people to attend events they like and discover new ones without having to spend hundreds of dollars,” said Israel Pasos, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at BossPass. “We also work with our network to include experiences that are usually not accessible to the general public.”

Users can try out the service before subscribing. Signing up with Facebook allows them to browse through hundreds of events listed in the app, and reserve their first event for free. Some events available during the release include: De México con Humor, Exclusive Penthouse Party in Brickell at Club Fifty, O Rappa World Tour, Ha*Ash, Fonseca, Melendi among many other events.   

There are currently two types of membership, GUEST and VIP. GUEST members pay a monthly subscription of $49 and can reserve single passes for Guest events. VIP members pay a monthly subscription of $69 and get an enhanced experience that includes meet & greets, backstage passes, access to exclusive events, and the ability to reserve up to two passes per event.

BossPass is the evolution of the media platform Mexicanos en Miami (MeM) released in 2010,” said Erksy Ricaño, Co-founder of MeM and BossPassIt has 9,000 registered users and a reach of 55,000 Miami residents. Over the last six years, we’ve accrued experience from over 100 events; 64 organized by us, 11 co-organized, and 36 sponsored.” 

To Download BossPass:
Download for iOS: 
Download for Android: 
The first event is FREE.

Social Media:
Follow BossPass on Twitter:
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Like BossPass Page on Facebook:

About BossPass
BossPass is the premier event membership that gives avid event goers hundreds of experiences to pick from in Miami. BossPass has two main goals, help event organizers sell out tickets, and give members a unique experience that will make them feel like the boss. BossPass currently has over 36 event partners providing access to a diverse range of events.

About Mexicanos en Miami
We are a group of enthusiasts with an exceptional national identity that embraces the opportunities that social media has to offer and we’ve united to form a community that started among Mexicans and has expanded to other nationalities and ethnicities in order to share information, promote interaction, share relevant news, promote cultural activities and generate referrals in a free way, free union, without segregations, without political interests and any restrictions to become a member, all based on basic rules of coexistence and good faith. Looking to serve as a liaison, moderator and toehold in search of integration among Mexicans with the multicultural community in Miami. For more information, please visit:

@getbosspass, #California, #events, #exclusive, #florida, #getbosspass, #guest, #hispanic, #intternational, #mexicanos, #mexicans, #mexico, #miami, #music, #spanish, #texas, #Vip, 

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