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Friday, September 9, 2016


Acapulco, Mexico – September 8, 2016. Acapulco, known for its old Hollywood glamour, will serve as the set for the new Golden Ceiba Productions film, “Welcome to Acapulco”, local authorities said on September 8, 2016. The film will feature actors like Danny Glover, known for his role as Stinky in the box office Lionsgate hit “Dirty Grandpa”; Michael Madsen, known for his role on The Walking Dead, Season II and Call of Duty, Black Ops II; and Mike Kingsbaker from The Dark Knight Rises, among others.

“Acapulco has historically been an attractive spot for Hollywood stars not only to vacation, but as a backdrop for movie magic thanks to its beautiful natural sceneries,” said Pedro Haces Sordo, president of the Acapulco Destination Marketing Office. “The destination is thrilled to host these A-list celebrities, and locals are excited to be a part of the film as background actors.” 
Produced by Loris Curci and under the direction of Guillermo Ivan, the film is an action-thriller full of car chases, cops and CIA agents. “Welcome to Acapulco” will start shooting September 19, 2016 and will be shot in the style of other hit action movies like “Die Hard” and “Taken”.

Other celebrities booked to appear in the film are William Baldwin, from the TV drama Parenthood; Zach Rose, from the TV series NCIS: New Orleans; and Jannine Kaspar, from Iron Man. The talented Mexican actors Ana Serradilla, Ana Layevska, Guillermo Ivan, Jack Duarte and Osvaldo de Leon, as well as Venezuelan actor Guillermo Garcia, will also have a role in the film.
Acapulco, was also chosen as one of the sets of this movie after the success of “Dopamine”, a Golden Ceiba Productions and Guillermo Ivan TV show, which was filmed in the destination earlier this year.
Once a haven for celebrities like Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe and the Clintons, among others, Acapulco is the largest and most dazzling tourist center in Mexico that provides amazing weather, delicious gastronomy and award-winning tourism services.

Acapulco is a quintessential destination that provides fun and unmatchable weather for the entire family. The beaches are ideal for lazing in the sun or getting out on the water. The city is also filled with history and legendary glamour. The colonial-era Fort of San Diego, now the most renowned museum filled with thousands of years of history in Acapulco, is an essential part of the destination’s architecture and a must-visit landmark. La Quebrada, home to Acapulco’s world-famous cliff divers has become a symbol of the city that is as popular today as it was half a century ago. And you’ll never go hungry. Acapulco has a busy restaurant scene that blends five hundred years of Mexican culinary traditions and a global array of flavors. All of this and more make Acapulco the must-visit beach destination in Mexico.

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