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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Puerto Rico’s Film Industry Makes History With 5 Local Movies Playing in Theaters

This past weekend the Puerto Rican Cinema debuted five (5) film's, directed and made in the Island.  It's a great milestone for island especially with the financial crisis that Puerto Rico is still facing.

1 - ANTES QUE CANTE EL GALLO: Director: Arí Maniel Cruz

"Puerto Rican teenager Carmín dreams of living with her mom in America, but when her hopes are suddenly dashed she ends up emotionally torn. Immediately afterwards she is confronted for the first time with her natural father. He’s spent years in jail and then moves in with Carmín and her strict grandmother. Initially, Carmín doesn’t like the charming newcomer, but father and daughter slowly become close. In the meantime, the hormonal maelstrom of puberty does its job: Carmín becomes a woman and that causes great confusion, mostly for her. "

2 - YO SOY UN POLÍTICO: Director: Javier Colón Ríos

Directed by Javier Colón Ríos and written by Susana Matos Allongo and Javier Colón Ríos. 

3 - PEPO PAL SENADO: Director: Raúl García

"An unemployed Joe Schmoe named Pepo González is thrown into a local senatorial race after a disgraced political consultant adopts him as a pet project to prove she’s still the best in the game. When the incumbents start to feel threatened by his outsider campaign, they attack poor Pepo with everything they’ve got."

4 - THE VESSEL: Director: Julio Quintana

5 - FRAGMENTOS DE AMOR: Director: Fernando Vallejo

"Based on a novel by Colombian writer Hector Abad Faciolince, Fragmentos de amor is a Colombia-Puerto Rico co-production directed by Uruguayan-Spanish helmer Fernando Vallejo."

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