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Wednesday, May 10, 2017


On May 20, 2017, Saturday in Pompano Beach, Florida's Multicultural Pioneer Center, home of the cozy Pompano Beach Annual Brazilian Festival, the largest on the Southeast coast of the United States, becomes the setting for a historic cultural event at the end of Mother's Day: "SAMBA 100th Anniversary.” 

Samba is the most popular and prominent musical genre in Brazil. A Brazilian dance and dance, with African roots originating in the slave trade of West Africa and African religious traditions, particularly Angola and Congo, and through the samba-de-roda genre of the northeast of Bahia, from which it derived.

 In 1917, the song "Pelo Telefone" was recorded, and is considered the first true samba. The song is claimed by Ernesto dos Santos, better known as Donga (musician), with co-authorship attributed to Mauro de Almeida, a well-known columnist for Carnival.  "Pelo Telefone" was the first composition to achieve great success in the style of samba and contribute to the popularization and popularization of the genre. From that moment, samba began to spread throughout the country, initially associated with Carnival, and then began to develop its own place in the global music market.

And to warmly welcome the residents, visitors and tourists, "Paula Lima" perfect symbol and Icon of the Samba, will fly to Sunny Pompano Beach to land at the LUAU Pompano Beach as an main attraction .   A beach day with good vibes; a day of celebration; a day of cultural integration, and a day of unity among the community.

Paula Lima

Paula Lima is a Brazilian samba star, nominated for the Latin Grammy, TV commentator at Carnival, judge of the Brazilian version of the TV show "Ídolos", character Of the Brazilian version of the Broadway show "Gatos", judge of the Miss Brazil 2016, with a song In the soap opera "Malhação" of TV Globo. Paula Lima brings a modern samba style to the North, mixed energy Bossa Nova, Jazz, R & B and Funk.(1)(2)

The best of art and an array of options for families, children, surfers, runners and athletes is accessible to residents, visitors and tourists. The views of the ocean, artists of all genres and styles left their mark on giant sculptures depicting the Pompano fish, found in all Places. The Ocean Drive sidewalk was magically designed with giant palm trees and an attractive cycle track for running and walking.  A fountain of water interacts with children's fantasies and splashes happiness, while parents peacefully transcend to another dimension during yoga sessions in the great green lawn.

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