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Thursday, March 8, 2018

AYITA’S DREAM Makes World Premiere Screening in Miami

 Isis Masoud (Bloodline, The Last Goodbye, Rock of Agesand Roger Ingraham
(Moonshine, As the Dust Settles, Matter Out Of Place) present the
World Premiere of AYITA’S DREAM, a Powerful Female-Driven Film
Told Through the Eyes of a Young Ballerina

Director, producer, actor and Miami-native, Isis Masoud (Bloodline, The Last Goodbye, Rock of Ages, Matter out of Place), and director Roger Ingraham of Sundance fame (Moonshine, As the Dust Settles, Matter Out Of Place), are thrilled to announce the World Premiere screening of their newest short film AYITA’S DREAM at the Miami International Film Festival on Tuesday, March 13th at 6:45 PM at MDC’S TOWER THEATER MIAMI in THEATER 1. A Q&A session with cast, directors and crew will take place following the film
AYITA’S DREAM is a highly relevant film with a focus on strong female characters, and an empowering and honest story about the reemergence of the sacred transition from girlhood into womanhood. Premiering in my hometown makes it that much sweeter and I’m extremely grateful to MIFF for showcasing AYITA’S DREAM at a time where the commercial viability of these types of short films is so prevalent, and to do so with a film that truly empowers women means the world to me.” Said Masoud.
One of nine films accepted into the Knight Foundation’s “Made in MIA Competition”, this female-driven cultural drama/musical showcases a powerful, moving and captivating cast under the compassionate and expert guidance of their co-directors.
AYITA'S DREAM is the story of a young girl who won't give up on pursuing her dream of becoming a professional dancer.  The film centers around themes of empowerment and perseverance as Ayita tells her emotional story through performance and fine art.
AYITA'S DREAM is a universal story of an outsider overcoming rejection and finding success in the dance world, told through mostly choreographed scenes. It features a persevering young multi-racial female lead character, Ayita - whose name actually means 'First to Dance',” said Ingraham. “I loved working with Isis on AYITA'S DREAM, writing the story together, and bringing it to screen with a solid cast and crew.”
The premiere screening will take place on Tuesday, March 13th at 6:45 PM at MDC’S TOWER THEATER MIAMI in THEATER 1 with a Q&A session including cast, directors and crew following the film

About Close Up Experience
Writer/director ISIS MASOUD has been featured on myriad media outlets across all platforms including: CNN, CBS, FOX, NBC, New York Magazine, The Huffington Post, and The New York Daily News and has worked alongside industry heavy-hitters, John Caird, David Parsons, Savion Glover, Dan Knechtges, David Schweizer, Billy Corben, Arin Crumley, Adam Shankman, Keith Young, & Mia Michaels. She recently choreographed for Hip Hop Icon Nas at Radio City Music Hall in NYC, and her work has been featured on So You Think You Can Dance, the ABC Family TV show Dance Fever, as well as the Off-Broadway shows At The Diner, Trash Warfare, & La Femme, winner of Best Ensemble at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival. She reached Internet fame with her web-series THE POLITE GIRLS! and won a coveted Webby Award for her Short Pole Dance Film THE LAST GOODBYE. Masoud studied at the renowned Feldenkrais Movement Institute, earned a degree in Theatre from University of Miami, and was on faculty at Steps and Broadway Dance Center in NYC.
ROGER INGRAHAM has been filmmaking for over 13 years, with 3 features and countless short films, mini-documentaries, videos, and commercials.  His first feature film was a gritty "real life vampire story" titled "Moonshine." At the age of 21, he premiered it at the Sundance Film Festival, making him the youngest feature filmmaker in the festival’s history. His subsequent in-depth explorations were in the genre of documentary and non-fiction work. He directed and produced an online short film series with over 1 million views, “The Ring Channel” featuring short beautiful meditative films. He co-directed a collaborative documentary which captured the life-changing experiences of a small group of attendees at the Burning Man festival “As the Dust Settles,” , and an upcoming feature docu-narrative titled “The Calling,” a young woman’s coming-of-age story as she’s drawn to the profound healing path of Zulu shamans in South Africa.  

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