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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Grovetoberfest, Second Saturdays Art Walk Block Party in Wynwood, and Wynwood Life are just some of the few events SWARM executes, putting various Miami neighborhoods on the map. 

Miami, FL – March 13, 2018 – Today’s Miami is synonymous with outdoor activities, delicious food offerings, craft beer and live music wafting through the air. SWARM has led the charge in creating a community vibe, responsible for bringing people back together again in Miami by re-gaining popularity in human-to-human experiences with large festivals and events. Attending events in person can stimulate a more colorful experience where the music sounds better and the food and drinks are more delectable. Guiding people away from clubs and traditional events is what has caused SWARM to climb to the top of the event world. As leaders in the event world, they specialize in creating signature property events, partnership ventures that provide in-house event management, production and marketing. Reinventing their marketplace and providing value is their secret sauce, they have partnered up with lucrative companies and agencies from all over the world providing an entire events lifecycle including creation, marketing, venue management, talent, permitting, staffing, sponsorship sales, logistics and overall event production. Now, Miami is synonymous with art, music, creative cocktails and a chic yet fun atmosphere, and that, in turn, attracts more opportunities to enjoy the Magic City. From Samuel Adams’ Octoberfest event to the Worldwide New Year’s Eve celebration with Pitbull, SWARM has managed to rebrand an entire major American metropolis, making it the only event agency of its kind in Florida. 

Meet the Masterminds, Tony Albelo and Javi Zayas are the leaders at the helm of SWARM, but before they joined superpowers, each was heavily involved in the planning, production and promotion of major, full-scale events and festivals throughout South Florida. Albelo created Grovetoberfest, now the largest craft beer festival in Florida. As a huge advocate for marine life, Albelo, created Grove SLAM!, the largest fishing tournament of its kind. Javi Zayas was also making his imprint in the community with localized hybrid events that highlighted specific entertainment zones and pioneering Block Parties in metropolitan areas like Brickell’s Cinco de Mayo and St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. Combining more than 30 years of experience, and with much encouragement from their now chairman, Harry Davidson, Tony and Javi created SWARM in 2014. 

“Growing from a small company to where we are now has been crucial to our success. We’ve learned to value what is important in our business: our staff, our relationships, our work-ethic. This is what made SWARM great and what will deliver us forward,” said Harry Davidson, Chairman of SWARM.

In 2014, SWARM opened its doors with 4 employees working in a 350-square foot office, grossing $800k. That year they reached a new level of success in 2015 grossing $4 million, the expansion continued employing 25 full time employees. The snowball effect continued in 2016 grossing $7 million dollars and once again doubling their staff, fast forward to 2017 they grew from a $7 million dollar to a $15 million-dollar company, the expansion was organically inevitable. SWARM is not only leading in the event scene producing and collaborating in over 100 events, but also providing our community with job opportunities. 2018 is set to be their best year yet, as they will be adding 20 + new full time positions and over 300 subcontractor opportunities. Recently, they acquired Social Flamingo and Thrifter, resulting in SWARM almost doubling their marketing team. “We are always on the forefront of the event business. Whether that means early-adoption of electronic ticketing, fully integrated Point of Sale systems, and 360-degree customer experience and tracking – SWARM has always enjoyed an advantage. And now as Miami becomes even more event-centric with the Super Bowl coming in 2020, the College Football Championships in 2021, the new MLS team, Formula 1 returning to Miami and a host of other world-class events, we are ready. In fact, we’ve always been ready and ahead of the curve,” said Tony Albelo, CEO of SWARM. 

SWARM has become a powerhouse for all things events and this year they plan to create and execute over 100 events, attracting over 3 million guests, where event producers and tastemakers across all worlds and likes can experience their work first hand. 

“The future is scary good. As entrepreneurs, we are always aspiring for more and are never complacent. In our case it means more job openings, more events, more partnerships,” said Javi Zayas, President of SWARM. “We are excited to keep evolving and leaving an imprint through the events we execute in South Florida.” 

For more info, visit For up-to-the-minute news, “Like” their Facebook page at SWARM can be reached at (305) 461-2700, or via email at

Established 4 years ago by Tony Albelo, Javi Zayas and Harry Davidson, SWARM has become the leaders in the event world, specializing in creating signature property events, partnership ventures providing them with in-house, event management, production and marketing. SWARM is shaping the cultural landscape of the city, through its proprietary events encompassing, culinary, craft beer and cocktails such as Grovetoberfest, Coconut Grove Seafood Festival, to art-centric festivals such as Wynwood Life, noted as the first large event of its kind in Wynwood, to the monthly Artwalk Block Party, Basel House, HIVE to music festivals like Tequila Bay and Pitbull’s New Year’s Revolution. SWARM has been the production arm of many agencies and global brands. Their extensive knowledge of running events from concept to execution has made their ability to roll-out events, efficiently. With budgets from the thousands and into the millions, SWARM has worked with clients at all levels. Clients include national accounts and projects such as Verizon’s launch of their national #unlimited campaign, to Unbound, an event immersing top executives and corporations with the newest technology. SWARM has also produced concerts, VIP parties, and sporting events such as Combate Classico, a televised MMA Championship bout hosted in Miami. Always keeping company culture in mind SWARM invites all to #SWARMWITHUS attracting over 3 million guests a year to attend both over 100 proprietary and partnership events alike. For more info, visit For up-to-the-minute news, “Like” their Facebook page at SWARM can be reached at (305) 461-2700, or via email at ###

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