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Monday, May 25, 2020

LIFETIME premiering " I Was Lorena Bobbitt" Monday, May 25 at 8pm ET/PT.

Lifetime premieres its summer Ripped from the Headlines feature:

 I Was Lorena Bobbitt 

Monday, May 25 at 8pm ET/PT

Tonight tune-in to your Lifetime channel to see a featured film, "I Was Lorena Bobbitt" starring Dani Montalvo.  I had the honor to speak to Dani about her role as Lorena Bobbitt.  Dani was very humble in her debut of the movie.  Dani commented that she "connected with Lorena and found her strength to be an encouragement for all those who have or suffer from domestic violence."  Dani had the opportunity to meet and speak with Lorena to understand her point of view.  It was not an easy task for Lorena to relive her abuse that occurred more than 27 years ago.  

(L to R) Lorena and Dani Montalvo as Lorena Bobbitt

Dani Montalvo was born in New York from Peruivan parents, she speaks fluent Spanish and of course English.  Dani also has been modeling, sings, writes music and plays the guitar, piano and ukulele.  

"Dani Montalvo portrayal of Lorena Bobbitt was amazing!" 

 "Dani Montalvo is an actress to keep your eye on.  She's 26 years old and has many years to sparkle our movie experience."

"I Was Lorena Bobbitt", starring Dani Montalvo (Dispatches from Elsewhere) and Luke Humphrey (Tiny Pretty Things) as the controversial couple Lorena and John Bobbitt, the film follows Lorena's account leading up to that fateful day as Lorena also serves as executive producer and on-screen narrator.  Lifetime will run a PSA for the National Domestic Violence Hotline and the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence featuring the actors and Lorena Bobbitt, as part of Lifetime's public affairs campaign, Stop Violence Against Women.

Lorena Bobbitt became a household name and made tabloid headlines when after years of abuse by her husband, she cut off his penis with a knife in 1993. Now nearly 30 years later, Lorena tells her story, and hers alone, for the first time with Lifetime. This film follows her journey from a wide-eyed, immigrant bride to a battered wife into an unlikely media sensation. I Was Lorena Bobbitt also documents her ultimately emerging as a strong, thoughtful woman who has devoted her life to advocating for other abused women.

After watching the movie,  I was shaken by the amount of abuse Lorena had to endure.  No one really knew what Lorena endured until now.  Lorena had a few people she could trust but  back in 1993 there were NO laws protecting women from domestic abuse.  Lorena had to deal with the shame and humiliation from everyone around her.  Until 1994, the "Violence Against Women Act (VAMA) when into law, programs to prevent violence against women and established the national domestic violence hotline."  Lorena's struggles were not in vain, since her ordeal and the media frenzy, women have ways to be protect against violence.

If any women out there need help do not wait, call now to the hotline below.


I Was Lorena Bobbitt is produced by Cineflix Productions. Lorena Gallo, Andy Streitfeld, Jeff Vanderwal, Sherri Rufh and Charles Tremayne are among the Executive Producers. Danishka Esterhazy directs from a script written by Barbara Nance.



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